Reviews of Courtyard Corpse.Key2_website 

Five-star review: “This is a cute read and a great start to a new series. The setting and characters are developed. Cassie is stubborn but yet resourceful. You will be kept guessing of who did it to the end.” Sleuth Cafe

Four-star review: “I really enjoyed this charming cozy, it was a great weekend read. With a fast-paced plot full of misdirections that had me glued to the book, it was one of those great stories where you change your idea of whodunit with each chapter…” Mystereity Reviews 

Five-star review: “Author Sherry Lodge serves up an exhilarating “who done it” in her debut novel. Concierge Cassie Hall endears as she jumps into action to crack the case.  Zany, scheming and charming characters contribute to the titillating account of the day a murder unfolded at the Parkstone.  Prepare to stay cozy as time becomes of the essence to identify the murderer.” – E.P.